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a better way to kill

jump and shoot

This is a wall sticking glicth i found on youtube

as i said in the title its a wall sticking glicth if it doesnt work just look it up on youtube

im sorry i dont know how to put a video up if u know tell me in comment or at kongregate

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skins of the mutants humans and cyborgs correct me if im wrong

cyborgs mutants then humans

fast way to lvl up by:dragon_killer37

FAST LVL UP by dragon_killer37
Fastest way to lvl up , easy steps :
1. Really fast dynamic xp
- Make/join room space_lab or nuclear_sand_storm, game type : DEATHMATCH, limit lvl (usually limit = +5 the lvl you are)
- Run&Gun , dont camp cause you will get less kill shots
2. Sloooooooooooow but “safe” xp
- make/join a room space_lab or nuclear_sand_storm, game type : CAPTURE THE FLAG, put password not to be interrupted by some overpowerd dude and ask a friend to help you, meaning you take turns to delivers the flag
- Don’t stay more then 60 – 120 second without doing nothing cause you’ll get disconected
3. Recommended weapon tree to use :
1. King Cobra – Very good weapon for start, it will help you kill alot faster than with default pistol (Glock).
2. MP5 – I know some people prefer uzi/scorpion but mp5 is very good, and you can use it agains high lvls with no problems, has decent aim, good damage, big ammo clip, very balanced gun that worth its money.
3. M16 – You can pwn almost anything with it although its aim is a little rusty, it compesate in dmg.
Fixed all your mistakes up, I’ll probably add the EXP part but as this is a strategy guide for battling and stuff and not a walkthrough about which weapons, which stats aka….I might not add your weapons part.

DRagonArcherZ guide for begineers

There are many different strategies in TPD4, varying in the player’s battle style. There are many walkthroughs being created out there about how to play, the stats, but not many about battle strategies. Which is why I’m creating this. So, firstly before you read on, I trust you have learnt the controls and have played around for a bit. If you haven’t, this guide will not help you as it teaches about some strategies. Also, me and SupremeDestroyer are now grabbing screenies of these strategies in action! Now, enough stalling, let’s rock on!
Ahh, so classic. The key strategy you’ll see when you play the game is camping. Camping consists of finding a good “hidden” spot where visibility to see you is partially or completely blocked. Then when someone comes into your line of fire, you let out a burst of bullets, striking them, therefore earning a kill. Getting the hang of camping is easy, firstly get used to a map, so you know the map very well. Then, find the places where you can’t be seen/nearly can’t be seen. Go there, and wait patiently for another player to come and shoot as accurately as you can against the player. Want to take camping a step higher? Here are some key things that you should remember when camping. Firstly, when you chat, a speech bubble appears above you, making you extremely visible. So when camping, be aware that your camp spot (when you say something in chat) could be known by a player and so the player is aware of the place you’re camping. Next, be aware of your camp spot weaknesses and strengths. If someone chucks a grenade somewhere near, it could be the blast radius that hits you and if you are unaware, it can destroy your killing spree. When you kill someone, and no one is close by to shoot you when you get out of your hiding spot, run and choose another camp spot far away from it, because when you die, you can still see in your screen, and they’ll know your camp spot. if you keep moving, you remain unpredictable. Open your eyes to new camp spots. You never know when you find a jackpot which is not commonly used. When a extremely good camp spot is used, you can get some pretty wicked kills. This method is a good approach as a beginner, and still serves well for a professional.

Decept And Ambush
This tactics has some relation to camping, but is more active and requires more skill to pull off. This strategy doesn’t really work when playing with nicknames, but when playing with no nicknames, it can obliterate players. Recommended you wear the black ninja skin (human) as it is good for this. Hide somewhere which is a key place in the battle, or where the fights are around (for example, if CTF in Cold Day In Hell, hide in the snow near the Red Flag or in the trees for the Blue Flag). Crawl for maximum efficency (accuracy). Then don’t move, and observe for a player. Once found, wait for it to get close, and don’t give any sign that your there. Once their close, fire like hell and follow him slowly, crawling as to keep accuracy high. Being a high-leveled player doesn’t mean you can see through camoflague easier, and this is a quick way to get high EXP by killing high-leveled. A very good map for this strategy is the Cold Day In Hell, because of the frosty slopes and snowy surfaces give many chances to ambush your opponent. This strategy I found very useful, and not many people I battled used it. I doubt that now because I just let out one of my favourite strategies (darn it!). Well, have fun trying this out!

Basic Head-On Battling
I know, I know, that head on battling isn’t exactly a good strategy. But when you get into one of these battles, there are quite a few things you can do to tilt the battle in your favour. Firstly, crawling. It’s simple, yet it reduces your target in many situations, and increases your accuracy. If your really close to your opponent, try jumping around him – like bunny hopping in FPS (basically you jump around them). Also, getting the first hits are also extremely useful. Two simple advice, but you’ll be glad to know them when they save your life. Another thing, examining your opponent’s weapon. Knowing your opponent gives you a good idea what’s going to happen in a battle with them. Watch out for the MP5s and M16s – They can be pretty devestating. Once you see a gun and hear the sound the bullets firing make, you’ll start to recognize them quite easily. This tells you if you’ve got a chance in beating them or might as well attempt to not keep getting in their way. When all else fails in a head-on battle, well, try to crawl away to somewhere else, though you’ll probably be dead already.
Battle Gatecrashing
Battle Gatecrashing a.k.a Odd Man Out. What happens is you let two players battle it out, fire a few shots at each other and then charge into the battle, and kill both of them as they are weakened. Good strategy for not getting hit, but as most battles last only a few secs due to the ease of killing, you need to time it right. It also doesn’t work as well when one player has like an M16 and one player has a glock as then the M16 player would not get damaged much and slay you as well. This strategy is a bit more towards the difficult side then most strategies, due to the timing. A few tips for this: Before you enter the match, check the health of the players (go into their profile and check how much HP they have) so you know how long they’ll last in a head-on battle. This strategy can be very useful in some situations, but is hard to pull off.
Blind Alley Shooting
Wait what? Blind? What the…? Oh…right. What Blind Alley Shooting basically means to fire at a well-populated area, or shooting where you can hear bullets. An example of this is camping in the red flag area or under the blue flag area and just shooting the big dome in the middle of the spacelab, which is usually a very populated battle area. Might be a good idea to have a spare weapon handy in case someone comes along and you’re out of ammo. in my opinion, running around and shooting the first opponent you see works better, but then again, this is probably safer than going near the heat of the battle. Warning though, by shooting all those bullets, this attracts huge attention to where you are – so like I said, have a spare gun.
Fake Reload
You can’t fake a reload? The only way you can is to point your gun down in the angle that makes you look like your reloading..oh I get it. What happens is you point your gun down in the angle that makes you look like your reloading, like I said just before. This makes people “foolishly” attack you and then you suddenly shoot them. It’s good to shoot a burst of ammo, to make it look like you really are reloading more believable. It doesn’t exactly work crouching because when you crouch the reload looks the same as you would when you were aiming at someone. Bit dangerous though as this means your gonna have to react quick when someone comes.
Surreptious Spy
Urgh! I died again…what use is dying? Well, dying is bad, but you can use it to your advantage. For this strategy, what you do is when you die, you can still look around. See where your enemies are camping, which way everyone’s running and also any weaknesses you can use without any risk of your dying, considering your already dead. When you respawn, you’ll know where everyone is around , you sneaky spy! Also, more effective with full violence due to ease to see opponents. So now you know where to shoot, and can help strategies like Blind Alley Shooting and the basic Run’N’Gun. Ahh far out, I died again! But now I know to spy on them

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funny santa animals

Merry christmas

Merry christmas all viewers heres some funny photos
thats all for now keep on looking on

For newbies

on the game newbies do the tutorial

Here is the Price for every gun in the shop at the moment

Glock 18: 650

Colt King Cobra: 1000
Gold Eagle: 50 Cash

Sub-Machine Guns:
Mini Uzi: 1750
Skorpion vz. 61: 3350
MP5: 4500

Winchester: 3700
Beneli M4: 4350

Assault Rifles:
AK-47: 6700
M16: 8250
Steyr Aug: 10 000
Assasin: 1000 Cash

Sniper Rifles:
WA 2000: 2000 Cash
*Dragunov:40,000 coins and 150 cash

Barrett:55,000 coins and 300 cash

Heavy Machine Guns:
RPD: 20 000 Gold and 50 Cash
M60E4: 13350 Gold and 150 Cash
M249 SAW: 18650 and 300 Cash

Energy Guns:
Laser LGM:23 350 Gold and 300 Cash
Laser LGH: 26 700 Gold, and 500 Cash
Plasma Shocker: 1500 Cash

Rocket Launchers:
H.Z.:30,000 coins and 150 cash
6G30:40,000 coins and 250 cash
SMAW:50,000 coins and 300 cash
M202A2:54,000 coins and 550 cash

this is only on normal days not on holidays here is the game logobig as i could get

Space Lab Hiding Spots

this is a few helpful tips on space_lab3 there will be more coming upheres some more

thats all for now on space_lab3 hope ypu have enjoyed